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Aotearoa New Zealand’s food history is fascinating

…and we want to share that with you here at Zealandia’s Kitchen.

Our Mission

We’re here to bring you the taonga of our food history. We explore facts, reproduce recipies, and bring our food history to life.

Aotearoa New Zealand is home to just under 5 million people. Our tangata whenua arrived by waka from the Pacific somewhere between 1320 and 1350. In the past 700-odd years New Zealand has been settled by people from across the world, bringing with them a rich heritage. This has resulted in kiwi kai being a true melting pot of flavours.

We want to share those flavours and that history with you. We’re expanding to provide a gallery and a community. Please do comment and contact us with your questions.

Our Site Creators

This site is brought to you by people who love Aotearoa and are wildly curious about our food history. Our main writer is Juliet Galuszka, who has a background in museum studies. Juliet is involved with the New Zealand Society of Gastronomy. If current events allow, she hopes to coordinate their conference, Aristology, taking place in Palmerston North in 2020.

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