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Zealandia’s Kitchen

Aotearoa New Zealand is home to just under 5 million people and one of the last landmasses to be settled by people.

Our tangata whenua (indigenous people, the Māori) arrived by waka from the Pacific somewhere between 1320 and 1350. In the past 700-odd years New Zealand has been settled by people from across the world, bringing with them a rich heritage that has resulted in kiwi kai (food) being a true melting pot of flavours.

Food unifies us and celebrates our heritage: this digital museum seeks to explore the culinary history of Aotearoa and the many people who name call it home.

Zealandia’s Kitchen is my attempt to celebrate the young and unique food culture of New Zealand, exploring the history, the people and the flavours of our kai.

Check out our selection of weird and wonderful cooking paraphenalia in our Galleries, have a read of my attempts to recreate some historic recipes in the blog, and check out some of my research.